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 Vast Power

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PostSubject: Vast Power   Vast Power EmptySun May 25, 2014 7:39 pm

My Idea: Late Game powerfreaks

How it works: When you create your character you have a .05% chance to have hidden vasts amounts of power locked inside of you. Every time your hp gets below 50% if you haven't discovered your power truly then you have a 5% chance for it to trigger, and you have a burst in power for 30 seconds before your hp drops to 25%, and you are stunned.

The actual power is large boosts in stats when released all at once (Which is the 5% chance for it activating when you hit below 50%). Your powerlevel/mana also is maxed out, and unlimited for this time.

When you understand your power, and learn to control it (This happens when you reach a lvl of choice by critic). You will have a constant 10% buff in all stats, and higher powerlevel(Mana) than usual constantly, and the ability to use stronger techs for less drain.
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Vast Power
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