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 Crew events

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Crew events Empty
PostSubject: Crew events   Crew events EmptyThu May 29, 2014 9:30 pm

What is it - Special events for crews

How it works-
First event mob destruction

2 crews are in 2 different arenas each arena have 5 of the same type of mobs in it (Note: You're in the arena with only your crew members). After 3 minutes the crew with the most kills win

2nd event


2 crews placed into two different arenas are faced with 5 mobs. If you kill 1 mob 2 more spawns, but with less dmg. The original 5 have the strongest stats (I would guess they are the power of final freeza x2.

3rd event
Crew tournament
So 1 person from each of the 2 crews are selected (Randomly). They're put to fight against each other in the tournament
First crew to 3 wins is the winner.

4th event
Maniac Jaiko Herogami
Maniac Jaiko Herogami is a powerful boss each crew (Both in their own little area) is put to fight against him the crew who kills Maniac Jaiko Herogami first wins

Maniac Jaiko Herogami is a berserker so the lower his hp is his dmg increases by .05%.
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Crew events
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