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 Spirit Bomb sub class

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Spirit Bomb sub class Empty
PostSubject: Spirit Bomb sub class   Spirit Bomb sub class EmptyThu May 29, 2014 10:05 pm

What is it - Sub class for spirit bombs

How it works - Several special skills for Spirit bomb you can choose to have

First is melee central
Those melee lovers can focus the energy of the spirit bomb into your fist so it would drain a whole lot less ki, but the big draw back is that for it to do max damage you have to pull off the 5 combo. otherwise it would've been best to just throw it the normal way.

Second is for us self devastation people/ tankers. Instead of throwing the spirit bomb you can have it explode into a 6x6 explosion dealing a total of 900(Or whatever you think is fair) damage to anyone in it. Including yourself!!

Third is for us ki blast spammer
You can split the spirit bomb into 5 different smaller spirit bomb that follow you around. when ever you fire a ki blast it fires the miniature spirit bomb.

fourth is for those who love defense
You can turn the spirit bomb into Powerlvl that greatly increases regen over time. <- of ki

fifth is for those beams
With a much longer range you can turn the spirit bomb into a beam of powerful energy not doing as much damage as a normal spirit bomb, but it's ubber fast.

Sixth is for those quick fighters
Powering up the spirit bomb takes the delay of holding f till it reaches 15 (Except that's with he charging/a button) allows you to fire a weaker spirit bomb, but the lower delay makes up for it.
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Spirit Bomb sub class
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