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 Ghost of ET

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Ghost of ET

Ghost of ET

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PostSubject: Ghost of ET   Ghost of ET EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 1:21 am

Here's a little blog about me.

Age: 16
Gender: Unkown
Skin Color: Light skin
Hair color: Brown/red/black/wut?
Eye Color: Black
Sexually Attracted to: Aliens, Robots, anime girls, cat women, Middle school girls, Girls that look like guys, Flat chests.
Hates: To much to list
Likes: To much to list
Life: Ruined
Humanity: Non-existent
Suicidal: Yes
Would do suicide?: No
Value to human life: None
Value to own life: .05 > than everyone elses
Ability to code: Non-existent
Grades: Mediocre
Attitude: Terribad
Breath: Still working on it
Teeth color: White...ish
Self confidence: None
Self Motivation: Never heard of it
Self Repentance: Enough to make the world gray
Sincerity: Lmfao you'll get none from me
Bad assed ness: Working on it, but i will probably never reach bad ass level
Pedophile like thoughts: Hopefully it will leave as soon as i reach that age where i will actually be considered a pedo kk

Questions for people reading this
Do you think i'm a pedo?
Do you think i should end myself along with this world <3?
Am i badass enough to make out with my love??
Will i ever acheive minty fresh breath awesomeness?? Enough that will get me all the flat chest alien robot babes i want??
Am i being serious about this post??
Are you being serious about this post?
Should i be serious about this post?
What's a panty sniffer??
Wtf is a panty?????
Is it wrong to like someone like 5-7 years younger than you?
What's your favorite final fantasy char.?
Should i say i love you all or... i hate you all e.e?
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Ghost of ET
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