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 This is not going to be short

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This is not going to be short Empty
PostSubject: This is not going to be short   This is not going to be short EmptyMon Jun 09, 2014 11:29 pm

Name - No idea what it's name is going to be that's up for critic to decide

Style - Steam Punk

Type - Pvp/story

Originality - Powerful

Okay to start off i'll talk about the map.

Grande City

Grande City is a city built in the sky high into the sky it contain 4 sectors Shopping sector, Industrial Sector, Docks(Docks in the sky? i'll explain laturz), judicial sector.

For now that will be the only city.

Then there's the Waste Desert
It a large desert filled with skeletons that are able to move. there will be lady liberty buried in sand, collapsed building half sticking out the sand, and a cactus fields.

Wastedesert has stuff in it's air that kill you, and basically make it so you can't live on the ground any more.

These will be the two main areas.

Now you may need a bit of lore on to see how any of this makes any sort of sense

Lore -
The planet (Uhh still not good with names) has a uninhabitable land that forced them to move to the only place they can go the sky. Using various air ships as a means of transportation they have settled there in peace. Far below on the wastedesert where millions of graves held the bones of the dead a summoner rises, and creates a massive army of walking skeletons he calls himself the Skeleton king. The skeleton has used skeletal Pterodactyls to reach the cities in the skies to deduct his attacks to expand his skeletal army. A missing factor however made it possible for the humans to fight back. The minerals because of living so high in the sky has given them summoner type abilities as well. The ability to summon energy at will. Fire, Air, Force. That's not all they have though a secret scientific society has discovered they are not the only thing living in the skies Dragons plague the sky as well, and some humans have a special link between dragons. They call them dragon lords. Not only have have humans put up a fight, but the Time Lords who have remained silent through the entire ordeal decided to stand up against the skeleton king as well, but to fight the million upon million of dead skeleton knights who were once humans is still not going to be easy.

Sword User(Can go up to swordmaster) - Use the art of the Katana to slice down foes (The more you use your sword the more your ability with the sword increase allowing you to gain bigger category boost, and stat boost.)
Engineer - Use guns, and explosives (Gains special passive when manning a airship gun reload time decreases by 5 seconds)
Fire Summoner - Summon fire to burn away the enemy
Wind Summoner - Summon wind a wind so fast it could cut through steel
Force Summoner - Summon a powerful force from the palm of your hand to wreak havoc
Skeleton Summoner - Summon the skeleton of past lives to fight at your command (Unique Category)

Special Categroy-
Dragon Lord - Control dragons to do your bidding
Time Lord - Control time and space at your will to intervene in a destructive war

Air Ships -
Large Sized air ships - S - Rank - Large, and Medium sized. Can hold up to 15 personnel, and have 8 guns on each side, can have up to tier 5 upgrades
Medium Sized air ships -A-Rank - Medium Sized. Can hold up to 8 personnel, and have 5 guns on each side. Can have up to tier 4 upgrades
Small sized air ship -B-Rank - Medium, and Small Sized. Can hold up to 5 personnel, and have 3 guns on each side. Can have up to tier 3 upgrades
Gliders With Propellers- C Rank - Small Sized. Can hold up to 3 personnel, and have 2 guns on each side. Can have up to tier 2 upgrades
Gliders-D-Rank - Small Sized. Can hold up to 2 personnel, and have 1 gun on each side. Can have up to tier 1 upgrades

Stats -
Power - Physical
Ability - Non- Physical
Precision - Accuracy, Critical Hit
Speed - Attack speed

Leveling up -
Okay in order to level up you either do quest/side missions, or fight mobs that is the general way to do it
After the Beginning story which gives you your class you will spawn at Grande City. from there you will have to obtain an air ship. or glider. there are several ways to do this.
Sky Pirate-Steal one - Beat all the npcs on one, and change the symbol on it which can be done by going to the wheel, and pressing x, and waiting for 30 seconds while you acquire it. By choosing this way you can then sail up to a another ship after engaging in battle with it, and successfully getting it below 10% hp, board it, and loot it by going through the same process of defeating all the npcs, going next to captain quarters, and staying there for 30 seconds. (Or you can try to steal the ship for yourself.
Merchant-Join Traders which go from city to city delivering goods. (By choosing this option, you will be given the ability to do missions for extra $$$)
Scrounger-Join the Scavengers Scavengers go down to wastedesert to try to collect special items (Choosing this option gives you the option to scavenge with them once a day for a chance at powerful/hard to get gear) Note: When you talk to the npc and go down to the scavenge you must protect them from skeletons for 3 minutes. the less damage they take the higher the chances are of getting multiple items.
Soldier-Join the military joining the military gives you exp increase, and stack able money you can collect at the end of the day when you kill a skeleton mob.

Now you have a ship you can sail down to the wastedesert, and fight Npcs or skeletons. Humans have set up small bases in the waste desert that you can resupply at. (Need oxygen tanks to train in wastedesert or else you die).
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This is not going to be short
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