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 Race Guide

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Overview: They are a very clutch  Basketball  race in the game and can make an instant comeback when they are on the brink of death.
Stat Focus: They focus primarily on Defence in order to maintain their "Saiyan Spirit" Ability longer.
Recommended Skills: Wolf Fang Fist & Shining Slash. These two skills can be used to chain quick and effective combos
Pros: Can beat enemies much stronger than them if done right
Cons: Usually just get one-hitted when their PL drops low enough for the Ability to take effect.


Overview: They are fighters meant to last on the battlefield due to their healing Ability
Stat Focus: They focus primarily on Attacking (atk/eng) because they can last awhile on the battlefield
Recommended Skills: Hellzone Grenade & Special Beam Cannon. These two skills can be used to hit multiple enemies while doing fair damage.
Pros: Can last longer in a fight
Cons: Since the Ability can only happen once every 20 seconds, they are still a victim to OP enemies and may not have enough time to keep healing.


Overview: They are fighters that rarely run out of energy which allows them to fight nonstop without breaks
Stat Focus: They focus primarily on Ki and Energy because they constantly regenerate ki and will be able to use ki attacks more often than the average player
Recommended Skills: Energy Absorption & Energy Field. These two skills can be used to wear out enemies and force them to waste their ki while also allowing you to negate damage
Pros: Can spam ki attacks and the first 2 transformations don't drain ki
Cons: Close-Combat isn't very good


Overview: They are fighters that take advantage of the situation
Stat Focus: They focus primarily on PL because they should always have a higher PL than their enemy so that the 'Cruelty' Ability can take place
Recommended Skills: Death Beam & Dodompa. These two skills can be used to deliver a quick beam that can get the enemy down, if they try to make a comeback
Pros: With such a high PL the battle tends to go in your favor
Cons: Harder to make a comeback due to having lower eng & atk


Overview: They are unpredictable fighters that can make an unexpected turn in a battle
Stat Focus: They focus primarily on attacking (atk/eng) because they are very destructive and need to fall back on their strength just in case they don't revive
Recommended Skills: Chocolate Beam & Shining Slash. These two skills can be used to stun the enemy so that you can chain together combos.
Pros: Can have a second chance to beat the enemy, and if you still don't win you might just get a third chance, which can put the enemy at a great disadvantage
Cons: Since revival is only a percent chance, luck plays a great role to Majins
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Race Guide
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