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 6/26/2014 Updates(First Update since wipe)

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6/26/2014 Updates(First Update since wipe) Empty
PostSubject: 6/26/2014 Updates(First Update since wipe)   6/26/2014 Updates(First Update since wipe) EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 5:14 am

Added skill linking by talking to Kabito in Supreme Kai's World

Added Galactic Donut skill

Added Kamikaze Ghost skill

Removed the Instant Transmission to King Kai

Bought Houses now decide your respawn point

Added icon for Dazing Punch Combo (F,F,F,D)

Added one new story mission

Made Launch Combo(Hold F) blockable

Made Launch Combo Undodgable if the first hit lands

Clashing during Story doesn't cause map bug

Gambling Interferences show more clearly

Evil Majin NPCs now

Saiyan Special Ability nerfed from triple damage to double damage

Majin NPCs level 150 and higher can now revive

Realtime Event NPCs are fixed
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6/26/2014 Updates(First Update since wipe)
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