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PostSubject: Challenges/Medals   Challenges/Medals EmptyThu Jul 10, 2014 12:51 pm

Was going to add challenges that people can do to get stronger. Goal is for people to play longer with many side goals that they can accomplish so that there is always something to do. If you can add onto this please do so. You don't have to be a member to add on and each suggestion would be helpful.

Name of Medal -- Challenge //// Reward


I'm Still Here -- Revive 100 times as a Majin ////higher chance to revive
Dende in the Flesh -- Heal 300 times as a Namekian ////can heal 2% more PL
I Hate Monkeys -- Kill 50 Saiyans as an Alien ////cruelty dmg increased by 10%
Last Stand -- Reach 1 PL on the dot without using suicidal skills ////Gain 6 def
What A Waste -- Fail to use Saiyan Spirit Ability 50 times ////Gain 100 PL
Too Fast Too Furious -- Win 100 Clashes ////Gain 6 atk
Super Spirit Bomb -- Kill at least 10 enemies with one spirit bomb ////Spirit Bomb does more dmg
Touchee -- Have 100 ki clash cancels(When two ki attacks cancel each other) ////Gain 10 ki
What a Puny Attack -- Win 100 ki clashes(When your ki attack destroys another one) ////Gain 6 eng
Lucky Number 7 -- Make 7 wishes ////wishes get better
Capsule Corp Sponsored -- Traveled to all planets ////have a shorter wait time on spaceship
Assassin -- Kill 50 Mercenaries ////Dodompa does 50% more dmg
Cash Rules Everything Around Me -- Get 200k zenni or more ////You gain dbl the amount of zenni from npc drops
Casino Man -- Win 20 Gambles //// Gain 10k zenni
Bankrupt -- Lose all money on a bet ////Your just a loser lol
Speedy Gonzalis -- Use AfterImage 500 times ////Afterimage uses 10 less ki
Ki For Days -- Successfully use Android Absorption 500 times ////Ki blasts no longer drain ki
Not weak anymore -- Successfully land 2,000 ki blasts while using accel shot ////ki blasts now daze enemies like melee attacks
Mr.Missile -- Complete 500 launch combos //// launch hits now do 20% more dmg
Rocketman -- Complete 1,500 launch combos //// launch hits now do 50% more dmg(doesn't stack with mr.missile)
Are those Stars Real? -- Use dazing punch 2,000 times//// dazing punch stuns for 0.4 more secs
Eventful -- Win 20 Instanced Events(Kill Goku,Dr. Geros Clones, Crew Wars, Saibamen Horde)////gain 10 stat points
Find and Destroy -- Kill 10 Realtime Event NPCs(Raditz, Great Ape,Frieza, SUper Buu)////gain 3 free level ups
American Dream -- Buy a House //// get free furniture
Kaioken -- Talk to King Kai //// get kaioken
Whose Cool Now -- Kill 30 meta coolers in the mini challenge ////get a perm cooler capsule
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Ghost of ET

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Challenges/Medals Empty
PostSubject: Re: Challenges/Medals   Challenges/Medals EmptyThu Jul 10, 2014 1:47 pm

Skillful Man -- Learn 15 or more skills/// gain 10 ki

Ruthless -- Have 100 kills(Kill them under 10 seconds)/// 5% more damage

Snake Way demon -- Complete snake way 500 times///

Illusionist -- Use after image 700 times/// After image lasts longer

Grind Demon -- Reach level 175/// You gain more exp when killing mobs 20 levels around your level

Risk taker -- Shoot 500 ki blasts with neo tribeam/// neo tribeam drains less powerlevel

Can't live without my buff -- Use transformation 250 times/// When going into transformed state automatically damages everyone in a 1x1 radius of you

Overachiever -- Beat Cell, and Freeza in 5 minutes/// deal 5% more damage

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