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 Skilll guide

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PostSubject: Skilll guide   Skilll guide EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 5:47 pm

Okay so this type of guide is going to classfy skills into ranks, and levels. The higher the level the more destructive force it has (Ex a lvl 3 can destroy a level 2, and a level 2 can destroy a level 1). Rank is based on damage/How good they are.

Rank SS
Dragon Fist - Level 3
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack - Level 2

Rank S
Final Flash - Level 3
Spirit Bomb - Level 3
Hellzone Grenade - Level 1

Rank A
Omega Blaster - Level 3
Kamehameha - Level 2
Neo Tri Beam - Level 1

Rank B
Big Bang Attack - Level 3
Destructo Disk - Level 2
Accel Shot - Level 1
Energy Absorption - Support type, doesn't have a level

Rank C
Dodompa - Level 2

Rank D
Final Cannon - Level 2
Ki Blast - Level 1
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Skilll guide
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