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A new and upcoming Dragonball Z game on BYOND
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 Rioshima's Introduction

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Rioshima's Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Rioshima's Introduction   Rioshima's Introduction EmptyFri May 23, 2014 11:36 pm

Hi my name is rioshima, i am 20, been playing byond for some years now off and on hard-core gamer i loathe the need for combat and im quite the competitive player who seeks skill in anything i do even picking up a rock if i can find out a way lol.

I've played DBZWWA for a tad bit from personal invite from Critical has many of you others, I enjoy being a alien; the race of Frieza for it's colors and transformations.

Key: Rioshima
IGN: Rioshima, Feather_zero
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Rioshima's Introduction
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