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 Beginners guide to DragonBall Wwa

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Beginners guide to DragonBall Wwa Empty
PostSubject: Beginners guide to DragonBall Wwa   Beginners guide to DragonBall Wwa EmptySun Jul 20, 2014 12:02 am

Ghost of ET's Super noob fest helpful tips.

Okay so When you lose to goku which you are meant to do. After walking snake way and getting kaioken you want to go to the saibamen. Not the red ones the green ones.

Kill them until you reach level 30. To kill them use one of the 2 skills you have obtained run away from the but not off screen and use a to regain ki. Repeat this several times until saibaman is defeated. to check plvl press c every thing will get a green tint and it will show the plvl above everyone.

When you reach lvl 30 its time to invest into stats.
You have several to choose from.

For this early in the game i would not recommend using stats for Power level, and Ki instead you want to increase the amount of damage so you can kill npcs faster. Put them into anyone you want among def, atk, and energy.

Once you have chosen your stats fight the mutant saibamen Until you have reached level 50.

Repeating the process of placing points into stats its time to move to the city where dr. gero/south city is just ask in ooc or click the map located to the right of the hub for health.

Fight the npcs there until you have reached level 65 repeating the process of placing points into stats its time for you to learn a skill. One of the first skills i recomend you to have is kamehameha its one of the more powerful beams in the game. To learn it go and talk to goku located at goku's house (Use map).

You will have to defeat him using a ki attack Like you did with the saibamen range goku with ki attacks only until you have successfully defeated him.

Now continue with the story until you reach a point where you just can't win. All you have to do is level up a bit more to get stronger meaning more damage. If requested later i will do guides on story missions on how to beat it e.e. But this is the basic for beginners for leveling up, and such.
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Beginners guide to DragonBall Wwa
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