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 Shards, and orbs maybe more?

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Shards, and orbs maybe more? Empty
PostSubject: Shards, and orbs maybe more?   Shards, and orbs maybe more? EmptyTue Jul 22, 2014 2:45 am

My Idea: Items that could change the gane

How it works:

Shard of Power = While in your inventory increases melee damage by 50
Shard of Defense = While in your inventory decreases damage by 5
Shard of Energy = While in your inventory increase total ki by 20
Shard of Health = While in your inventory increase total Power Level by 150
Shard of Force = While in your inventory increases total Energy damage by 50
Shard of Accuracy = While in your inventory decreases chances of an npc to dodge a attack by 10%
(Note: Having multiple of the same shards in your inventory at once doesn't stack)
Note: All mobs have a .01 chance to drop a shard

Changed the original orb idea into something else hope you like it
Orbs get stronger with you you will understand more once you read what they do

Light Orb-Decreases the weight of your "attack" skill making it faster, but less momentum behind it so it cannot dish out as much damage.
At level 1 Your attack only has a .5% decrease in damage At Level 5 is when its at its fastest, and at level 10 is when it can no longer be dodged a fully leveled skill deals more damage than a level 5 skill.
Dark Orb- Dont really have an idea for this one
Heavy Orb-Increase the weight behind your "attack" skill and increase the density of the attack making it slower

Okay so when you find an orb you can augment it to a skill which gives skills levels depending on what type of orb you equipped onto it the skill will change into something stronger/netter to get experience for the skill you have to use thie skill 5 exp when it is dodged, 8 exp when blocked, and 10 exp when it hits. at level 10 it gets rid of a little of the draw backs to having a augmented skill.
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Shards, and orbs maybe more?
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