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 Code for the pros

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Code for the pros Empty
PostSubject: Code for the pros   Code for the pros EmptySun Jul 27, 2014 2:52 am

1: Stuns are for noobs
2: Dont be a noob
3: Dont go ez mode
4: Dont kill newbs
5: You may ignore rule number 4 if newb is on perm kos list
6: Dont spam aoe to win
7: Dont taunt, insult, or shout words of abuse at others
8: If you win respectively do not say anything afterword.
9: Ignore the taunts of those you believe to be less than you.
10: If you can't beat someone at pvp beat them at smarts.
11: Acknowledge a worthy opponent.
12: Dont try to solve conflict with profanity and vulgar words.
13: Try and settle things peacefully
14: If opposition continuously "attacks" you in the use of words simply show everyone else why your right and they are wrong.(Note for this to work your not focusing on opposition but the people became the many outweigh the one).
15: Find your own meaning for professionalism. (Don't just stick with mines do your own so you can share with the world what you think it means to be professional).
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Code for the pros
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