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The Hakkyō shita Clan specializes in summoning many things from creatures to weapons like shurikens and kunais so they don't have to wear the bags that contain those weapons. Their summoning jutsus takes far less amounts of chakra to use since they are masters at it. Their signature summons are summoning wolves jutsu. Which means they signs a contract with wolves (Not dogs mind you) And can perform a sage mode that gives them wolf like features and senjutsu. They have the ability to summon large amounts of water and even large boulders to fall upon the enemy. They need to place their summoning seals on the item they wish to summon or the area around it to complete a circle or oval to summon everything within the circular summoning signs.

Their Wolf Sage mode gives them enhanced senses, and speed. It gives them outstanding taijutsu ability, and they have claws so they can make people bleed. Their enhanced senses makes them more prone to not fall for genjutsu, but gives them no extra chakra power or endurance.

Jutsu 1: Summoning Jutsu Wolf. Summons a wolf to fight for you

Jutsu 2: Summoning Jutsu Fuma Shuriken.  Summons a Fuma Shuriken that you then throw towards the target.

Jutsu 3: Summoning Jutsu Grand Mountain Summoning. Summons a large rock that crashes down in the summoning circle.

Jutsu 4: Summoning Jutsu Grand Tsunami Summoning. Creates a large summoning Circle that then summons a large amount of water that crashes down on all in the summoning circle.

Jutsu 5: Wolf Sage Mode. A special sage mode that gives user enhanced taijutsu, and making them unaffected by genjutsu

Jutsu 6: Summoning Jutsu Multyple Frantic wolves summoning. Summons multiple wolves (Random number between 1-10) that then attacks the enemy

Passive 1: With no weapon in your hand when you press f you summon a kunai in your hand if you press f again you throw the kunai. While having the kunai in you hand while fighting with A macro you can inflict bleed.

Passive 2: When you talk to a Hakkyo Shita member in each village you allow them to summon you, and you can now teleport to each of the villages if you talk to all the npcs.

Passive 3: While in wolf sage mode if you have less than 10% hp your taijutsu damage is increased by 30%.
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