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 11/1/2014 Updates (Noob-Friendly)

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11/1/2014 Updates (Noob-Friendly) Empty
PostSubject: 11/1/2014 Updates (Noob-Friendly)   11/1/2014 Updates (Noob-Friendly) EmptySat Nov 01, 2014 5:47 pm

All these updates were just to make the game easier and more noob-friendly

Health regens overtime whether you're in combat or not
Whenever you land a melee hit you gain 1 ki
train button - 2x faster but becomes useless after lvl 50
Story Changes
beauty in the beast - zarbon has 30 def instead of 40
ginyu force - they each have 5 less def now
cold hearted frieza - 2nd form is now weaker
time flies went from 61 to 66 secs
lab rats - trunks has 30 def instead of 20
cell games finale - cell can only regen 3 times max
great sacrifice - vegeta now has 1k health instead of 500

Additional Update
Create-a-Story: You can create missions in-game and test them after periodic reboots
Created Story: Play missions created by other players
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11/1/2014 Updates (Noob-Friendly)
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