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 4/6/15 Updates

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4/6/15 Updates Empty
PostSubject: 4/6/15 Updates   4/6/15 Updates EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 3:29 pm


Custom Skills

Namekian Dragonballs can now be collected

Black Dragonballs can now be collected at level 400+

15 Floors added to Challenge Tower

Fixed Imperfect Cell mission

Fixed Crew Invite bug

Fixed Arena regen bug

NPCs now have to power up (Makes it more balanced)

Powering up is faster

Skills cost more ki now

Status Effects:

// Poison-take hp dmg

// Sacrifice-lose hp wenever u atk someone

// bleeding-cant regen

// shocked-cant block

// fear-cant attack/blast

// profit-if used to kill npc they drop more money

// absorbtion-deplete ki

Rebirth system added

AI revamped

New random popups

Androids "Unlimited Energy" Passive boosted

"F" & "D" attacks no longer stop your player unless you are charging

Not yet in-game. Waiting for host
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4/6/15 Updates
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