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 DragonBall Radar Help

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Emp Zukitaki

Emp Zukitaki

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PostSubject: DragonBall Radar Help   Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:13 pm

DragonBall Radar Guide

I notice a lot of people ae asking "How do I use the Dragonball Radar?"... Well I've

decided to explain the best I can and show you all how to you it.

1)In order to get the radar you must Collect all seven and wish for it.

2)How do I use it? The Story Dragonabll Radar is what you need to look at. The Picture

below will show you how it works.

3) Thats all o.o Good Luck on your Dragonball Journey.
Dragonballs Have a One Day CoolDown!

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DragonBall Radar Help
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