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 J-Arena Guide

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Start Screen
Under your name, wins, and losses, there will be 3 slots for characters. You can drag any character that you've unlocked to one of these slots to use them in battle. You can click on their skills to see what they do.
In-Game Screen
Next will be the in-game UI (again, the yellow letters do not exist on the real UI) and the basics of how to play.

Each character can use one skill per turn, provided you have the right chakra/ki orbs. By clicking on a skill, viable targets for that skill will glow yellow and you must then click on a target to use the skill.
There are 4 types of Chakra/Ki Orbs:
Green: Melee Skills
Blue: Energy Skills
Red: Rage Skills
White: Tactical skills
Black: Random
For each character alive on your team, you will get 1 random chakra/ki orb at the end of your turn. End your turn by clicking the "Click Here" button
Common Terminology in J-Arena

Damage Reduction: Take less damage from attacks by certain percentage.
Invulnerable: This means a character will not be a valid target for enemy skills.
Drain Orbs: Your opponent will have chakra/ki orbs removed from their pool.
Steal Orbs: Your opponent will have chakra/ki orbs removed from their pool and put into yours.
Reflect: This will return the effects of a skill back upon the user that targeted the character.
Counter: This skill will negate another incoming skill.
Destructible Defense: This gives a character a pool of health that must first be depleted before the character will take damage.

A skill's cooldown is how many turns a skill cannot be used for after being used. For example a skill with a cooldown of 4 will not be available for use the following 4 turns after it is used.

Affliction: Can't reduce the damage and ignores all defense.
Piercing (Additional option): This damage ignores damage reduction.
Ignores invulnerability: Used for any skill to go through invulnerability skills.
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J-Arena Guide
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